Human Geographical Movement Exploration


Great Basin Movement Project

The Great Basin Movement Project is a modern dance exploration of Artistic Director Katie Jean Dahlaw, here in Reno, NV. Exploring questions of identity, through the lens of dance theater. Who am I? From where do I come? What is my role in the more-than-human community? What is home? How does my relationship with the land make me who I am? What myths do I believe? Am I alive?


So Say We All: a dance dance technoqueer revolution!

IMG_2382It’s coming….the technoqueer revolution…the dance dance technoqueer revolution…wait?! What???

This project aims to explore ideas of identity.  Who are we? Where do we belong? Where is our place in the more-than-human community? One of the fundamental questions we ask repeatedly

is, “Are you alive?”  Using Battlestar Galactica, post-feminist theory, and cyborg analysis as a framework to examine ideas about sex and gender, “So Say We All” challenges us to reconcile with the ‘other’ as we pursue our rightful place in the Universe.